Dream Systems is an animated music video for Filipino band the Purplechickens. Directed by Paraluman Cruz and created by the Artist Society, it tells the story of a man and a woman living oblivious on separate sides of a small planet, until an accidental stone throw results in their desperate attempt to reach each other.

Known for their complex pop structures and impressionistic lyrics, the Purplechickens is one of the leading bands in the Philippine indie rock scene. To bring the song’s strong emotions to life, the video combines live action, 3D graphics, and traditional painting techniques. Using old-fashioned rotoscoping, each frame was hand-painted in watercolor, giving Dream Systems an authentic and highly original look. The result is a fairy-tale world rich with color and movement

Staying true to the indie spirit, Dream Systems is a volunteer project made by over 80 artists (some formally trained, others just friends of the band). With over 5,600 frames, the video took over two years to make. The video is produced by Artist Society, a group of Filipino artists, both amateur and professional. Their first two short films, Fiesta 2052 and The Juan, won local awards for their use of 3D animation and effects. Cruz, who wrote the screenplays for both shorts, makes her directorial debut with Dream Systems.