Paraluman Cruz is a 24-year old game developer from the Philippines. Interested in filmmaking at an early age, she self-studied to be a screenwriter in high school and took up Communication Arts in De La Salle University, graduating cum laude. A 3D animation elective piqued her interest in computer graphics, and she applied as a 3D artist for Anino Games, the Philippines’ first game development studio. When the company asked her to be a game writer instead, Cruz discovered that writing for games was just like writing for film, but better, and she’s been doing it ever since.

Cruz is currently the producer for Anino’s game development team, where she also writes and designs PC and console games. She fulfils her childhood dream by writing screenplays for the Artist Society, a gathering of amateur and professional Filipino artists. Their first two shorts, Fiesta 2052 and The Matrix-inspired The Juan, won local awards for their use of 3D animation and effects.  Dream Systems is her directorial debut.