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It’s been a year and five months since our last blog post – truthfully, nothing much has happened to Dream Systems. It is too old now to go around the film festival circuit; it has long since stopped being shown on the music video channels; I am sure the song itself still gets radio airplay, though probably only on weekends (requested by the old-school romantics like myself).

The only updates I can give regarding Dream Systems are the following:

  • We didn’t win in Animahenasyon 2007, though being a finalist was cool enough
  • We were featured in an art exhibit in mag:net Katipunan last October 2008.  We displayed both the video itself on a projector screen and some stills from the vid.

Dream Systems - mag:net Katipunan

I don’t know if or when Dream Systems will ever be shown again – but I feel it has had a good run, and once in a while, we (the band and the crew) watch it again, like a friendly reminder of where we came from. I rewatched it recently myself, including the live shoot footage, and I felt two things: a wave of nostalgia for the past and all we’ve learned from it, and a renewed sense of respect for all things (im)possible.

Here it is again: Dream Systems, a music video by the Purplechickens and the Artist Society. Cheers!