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Still from Dream SystemsDream Systems is now listed in the Cannes Short Film Corner‘s list of films!

Our listing
I haven’t received an official e-mail or anything yet and I don’t want to jump the gun, so I’ll consider it unofficially official, until I hear something. Still – yay!

(And there are two other short films from the Philippines listed as well: “To Ni” by Vic Acedillo, Jr. and “Vacation Thing” by Richard Reyes. Hurray Philippines!)

We’ve figured out that “accreditation” means “you can now go to Cannes; we’ll give you a badge that gets you into most of the events; see you there”. It does NOT mean “oh, your short film’s been accepted and is in competition” 😛

Actually, with this additional knowledge I don’t feel dampened at all, as the thought of being allowed to go to Cannes is pretty cool enough. Of course I’m not going (financial concerns) but everyone’s excited anyway, and we’re caught up in romantic daydreams of taking the next flight to France 😉

The list of short films in competition will be announced on May 4. See you then!

“Nous avons le plaisir de vous confirmer votre accréditation au 60e Festival de Cannes.

We are pleased to confirm your accreditation at the 60th Festival de Cannes.”

Don’t panic.

Riki Sunico, regular watercolor artist for Dream Systems and a dear friend to everyone on the project, passed away last night. He was 48.

Thank you, Riki, for everything. You will be missed.

Goodbye, Riki

So I joined Cannes. And everyone’s like, “Wow, that’s awesome!” until they find out how much it cost, and then they say, “Wow, that’s awesome!” but in a more reserved way.

I figured just the physical act of sending one’s work to Cannes is reason enough to celebrate 🙂

(Btw, I just have to plug that WithoutABox is an amazing service, and thanks to them, Dream Systems got its first laurel!)

Dream Systems just got its first laurel ever.

Official Selection laurel001

Man oh man oh man 😀

(Thanks to DeReel for the honor!)