We won!Dream Systems won “Best Animation” at last night’s 2007 Gawad CCP for Alternative Film and Video!! πŸ˜€ Our first win!

That’s the short of it.

The long of it is, we almost missed the award because DP Joon, PA Paul , and I were eating at Tapa King across the street. Then my dad and Aldus (Purplechicken) texted simultaneously that they were giving the Animation award RIGHT NOW.

Joon and I looked at each other, stricken, then we left Paul with his tapa and ran past restaurants and bazaar stalls, lugging our backpacks. Joon said it felt like “The Amazing Race”, which it did, actually, except we were running in semi-formal wear πŸ˜›

When we finally got to the awarding, they had already started announcing the three honorable mentions for animation (which I’ll list down as soon as I find a list of winners). Then they announced 2nd place and then they announced 1st place, and when I heard “Dream Systems” I dropped all my bags and went up on stage, still panting.

Aldus joined me onstage too, and it’s funny as way back when, Aldus and I both daydreamed of what things would be like after Dream Systems was launched. He’d be thinking of what to say during interviews, and I’d be thinking of acceptance speeches. So I had this short and sweet speech all planned out from my little delusions of grandeur, and when I finally had to make a speech last night, I quickly forgot all about it. I don’t really remember what happened, actually, but I get that way when I’m shocked πŸ˜›

Much much thanks and a big hug to everyone who got Dream Systems where it is, and there’s plenty of you, and you know who you are. Thanks everybody πŸ™‚