I went to Gawad CCP last night to view the animation entries, including Dream Systems. I completely forgot it was a competition until I was on my way to CCP. I was nervous.

When I got there, I ran into Aldus (Purplechickens) and his girlfriend Grace. We went into the small theater and sat expectantly.

Dream Systems was the second entry to be shown, and truth be told, I haven’t seen it again since I caught it on MTV a few months back. To look upon it with a fresh eye, I saw the mistakes we could have improved, remembered our two years of production in a flash, and felt both wistful and crazy proud. Taking an objective step back, I thought it was a good short. So yeah, now I sort of want to win 😉

The awards are tomorrow. I don’t really expect anything (or, it’s better to expect to lose). Either way, I’m proud we finished it and it looks and feels the way it does. I’m sure the other filmmakers have similar thoughts. Whatever happens, I’m glad Dream Systems turned out the way it did 🙂