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The Dream Systems launch was featured in the September 2006 issue of PULP Magazine! It’s on Page 16 (though there’s no page number on that page, so turn to Page 18 and move backwards 😛

From the article:

“The end result is a visually gorgeous video, one that was enthusiastically appluaded by those in attendance.”

Much thanks to PULP editor Jason Caballa for giving us that very warm space 🙂

I finally saw “Dream Systems” on MTV! This is after a month of people assuring me that it indeed is being played, no matter how many times I see the Purplechickens‘ OTHER video, “A Break In A Prayer” (which is a great video in its own right, I just wanted to see the OTHER video instead. hehe).

I saw “Dream Systems” Sunday morning, right after OK Go‘s video, which I also like very much. The colors are a bit more undersaturated than I’d like, but just the fact that our work is on TV is huge 😀 Whee! Happy!

A few minutes ago, FedEx just picked up my first film festival entry, to the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. It turns out that submitting to film festival is incredibly NOT easy. First we made the filmfest ‘screenie’ (a DVD with subtitles), then I wrote a bunch of documents like a synopsis and a ‘Director’s Statement’, then I had a photo shoot with DP friend Anne Monzon because I had absolutely no decent picture of myself, and then I had to go find ten US dollars for the registration fee, which banks or Foreign Exchange wouldn’t sell me because I needed to buy a hundred dollars at least. And when I was finally ready to send, two days away from the deadline, FedEx told me I couldn’t send cash. So did DHL and UPS.

Being the filmfest n00b that I am, I didn’t know you couldn’t send cash through door-to-door delivery. So I e-mailed Golden Horse and told them I’d be withdrawing my online application from the festival.

And it turns out that the Golden Horse people are angels, because they allowed me to pay through cheque 🙂

So thanks to my super awesome mom, I got a cheque for ten US dollars, and I had a long conversation with FedEx customer service explaining why it was completely safe to send this cheque, and finally, at 4:00 pm, FedEx arrived at my office to get the package. I have never, ever been happier to see a FedEx courier in my entire life 😛

Anyway, whether we win or lose is moot at this point. I’m just so happy I got to join a filmfest!

(By the way, this site is undergoing a major facelift, so some links may not be working. But the blog is working fine 😉