We finished the final filmfest (subtitled) version of Dream Systems early this morning. It’s so much fun making subtitles! I didn’t realize each line needed to disappear before the next line was shown. Plus I got to use Vegas. We learn something new every day ๐Ÿ˜›

I also learned something about the song:
(Scene: Editor Joon, lead artist/Purplechicken Aids, and I watching the final render with subtitles)
Aids: I thought the last line in Dream Systems was ‘Everybody here wants you.’ That’s what I sing.
Me: No, it’s ‘Everybody really wants you.’ From Jeff Buckley.
Aids: Jeff Buckley sings ‘Everybody here wants you.’
Me: ‘What?’

Hence, a re-render at 3 in the morning.

Art director Miker gave some improved painted scenes: the opening scene with the planet revolving, the scene where the deadworld is introduced for the first time, the scene where the camera goes above the wall to see Michelle picking up the stone, and then another shot which I won’t mention because it’s a spoiler.

In other news, someone uploaded our video on YouTube! And it’s not one of us. S/he uploaded the FHM version though so it’s low-res. But still – we’ve been YouTubed! Thank you, nice person ๐Ÿ™‚