Still from Dream Systems Hi everyone, and welcome to the Dream Systems blog.

The purpose of this blog is to announce news and updates on the Purplechickens’ animated music video, Dream Systems. Just some basic info: It’s a hand-painted rotoscoped watercolor animation, done for a Filipino indie rock band called the Purplechickens. It took us (us being a group called the Artist Society, a gathering of amateur and professional Filpino artists) over two years to finish this video, because we painted each of the 5,687 frames by hand. Anyway, it’s done. Technically. But it ain’t over yet 😉

Some news:
– Local TV channels MTV and Myx have started showing Dream Systems, yippee! MTV shows it on MTV Nights and MTV Siesta, I think, and Myx shows it during Rock Myx. I haven’t seen it on TV yet though – I never catch it 😦 I always catch some pop kid or other.
– We showed Dream Systems at Bigskymind last Saturday night (August 5), at Ang Bandang Shirley’s fundraiser gig “God Knows Hudas Not Pay”. A billion thanks to Isaw sa Kanto and Owel Alvero for letting us show our video. The crowd response was unbelievable. In a good way 🙂
– Tomorrow, art director Michael Rivero, editor Joon Guillen, and I will be making the film festival version of Dream Systems – basically adding subtitles, editing the credits, and improving some painted scenes. Hopefully by next week I’ll be sending the video around the world. If only I could finish making all the required writeups 😦

For any other updates, I’ll keep you guys posted. Cheers 🙂