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We finished the final filmfest (subtitled) version of Dream Systems early this morning. It’s so much fun making subtitles! I didn’t realize each line needed to disappear before the next line was shown. Plus I got to use Vegas. We learn something new every day 😛

I also learned something about the song:
(Scene: Editor Joon, lead artist/Purplechicken Aids, and I watching the final render with subtitles)
Aids: I thought the last line in Dream Systems was ‘Everybody here wants you.’ That’s what I sing.
Me: No, it’s ‘Everybody really wants you.’ From Jeff Buckley.
Aids: Jeff Buckley sings ‘Everybody here wants you.’
Me: ‘What?’

Hence, a re-render at 3 in the morning.

Art director Miker gave some improved painted scenes: the opening scene with the planet revolving, the scene where the deadworld is introduced for the first time, the scene where the camera goes above the wall to see Michelle picking up the stone, and then another shot which I won’t mention because it’s a spoiler.

In other news, someone uploaded our video on YouTube! And it’s not one of us. S/he uploaded the FHM version though so it’s low-res. But still – we’ve been YouTubed! Thank you, nice person 🙂

I’m in a hot, noisy Internet cafe near Taft Avenue. Owel sent me an e-mail with a link to his friend’s blog. His friend saw Dream Systems in Bigskymind and posted about it.

Owel told me I would love the post and I feel more than that – it blew me away. He (I’m assuming he?) showered us with love. I can’t repeat it here – but read it. He even posted a huge collage of our frames. I’m dumbstruck.

This is why we do what we do. (Or why we did what we did.) Sure, there are easier ways of doing an animated video. It might even turn out prettier, cleaner, and definitely faster! But we do what we do because we want to make a difference. And it’s not the public, award-winning “We’re famous!” kind of difference. (Though awards would be nice.) It’s the personal, private, “I saw something and it hurt me in all the right places” difference. It’s what I feel everytime I get to see the video again.

Sometimes I wonder if Dream Systems would be the hit that it was if we had finished it in three months’ time, that people appreciate this just because it took so long. Maybe that’s true for them, but it isn’t for me. At the heart of Dream Systems is a story, a painful one, one that makes me choke up each time (even in public!). It’s a story of impossible love. And I’ve been there, and a lot of people have been there, and I think that’s what makes the video great. The medium isn’t the message. But the medium makes the pain more beautiful.

I’m not making sense. Boy, it’s noisy here! To Owel’s friend – thank you. I’m really glad you liked it. And believe me, I’m the one who’s starstruck by people like you who like what we’ve made 🙂 Thank you!

Still from Dream Systems Hi everyone, and welcome to the Dream Systems blog.

The purpose of this blog is to announce news and updates on the Purplechickens’ animated music video, Dream Systems. Just some basic info: It’s a hand-painted rotoscoped watercolor animation, done for a Filipino indie rock band called the Purplechickens. It took us (us being a group called the Artist Society, a gathering of amateur and professional Filpino artists) over two years to finish this video, because we painted each of the 5,687 frames by hand. Anyway, it’s done. Technically. But it ain’t over yet 😉

Some news:
– Local TV channels MTV and Myx have started showing Dream Systems, yippee! MTV shows it on MTV Nights and MTV Siesta, I think, and Myx shows it during Rock Myx. I haven’t seen it on TV yet though – I never catch it 😦 I always catch some pop kid or other.
– We showed Dream Systems at Bigskymind last Saturday night (August 5), at Ang Bandang Shirley’s fundraiser gig “God Knows Hudas Not Pay”. A billion thanks to Isaw sa Kanto and Owel Alvero for letting us show our video. The crowd response was unbelievable. In a good way 🙂
– Tomorrow, art director Michael Rivero, editor Joon Guillen, and I will be making the film festival version of Dream Systems – basically adding subtitles, editing the credits, and improving some painted scenes. Hopefully by next week I’ll be sending the video around the world. If only I could finish making all the required writeups 😦

For any other updates, I’ll keep you guys posted. Cheers 🙂